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Honeycomb panels | Lightweight | Wooden

Lightweight wooden honeycomb panels - Malyn furniture factory
Technical data
Width up to 1220 mm
Length up to 3000 mm
Thickness 14-45 mm
Face material* HDF, 3 mm
Frame of panels
Wood species Scots pine or Black Alder
Type of lamellas Finger-jointed
Lamella dimensions To discuss
Gluing* EN 204-D3
Moisture content 10±2%
* In the case of long-term cooperation, a possibility of using glue D1, D2 or D4 and MDF/HDF with other thicknesses can be discussed.

Malyn furniture factory offers wooden panels with a honeycomb core. The main feature of this kind of panels is its lightweight without significant reduction of strength. For the frame assembly, we use high-quality S4S finger-jointed timber. Depends on a customer's requirements, different layouts of a frame can be applied. Both faces of panels are covered with 3mm HDF. Usage of MDF/HDF with other thicknesses can be also discussed. Therefore, there is a high customization possibility regarding structure, dimensions and material used.

Modern machinery base and quality control at each production stage guarantee the constant superior quality of our honeycomb panels. Depending on a customer's needs, panels can undergo additional calibration operation to achieve 0/-0.2mm thickness tolerance.

Our lightweight honeycomb panels may be supplied with FSC claim, namely, FSC 100% or FSC Mix.

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