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Planed timber

Planed timber - Malyn furniture factory and MEBLEVA BV
Technical data
Wood species Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris)
Width* 65-105 mm
Thickness* 14-40 mm
Length 0.4-4 m
Quality B or C – According to the Nordic timber grading rules
Surface Planed or sanded (K80 or K120)
Moisture content 10±2%
* In the case of long-term cooperation, different width and thickness parameters of the planed timber can be discussed.

In the planed timber production, we use dried sawn timber with 10±2% humidity that decreases the possibility of future deformations during the exploitation to 0. Accurate geometrical parameters are provided by the planing of a base side and further processing on a profiling machine.

Depending on the needs of a customer, planed timber can be glued together face-by-face into glulam or profiled into a necessary shape (mouldings).

Our planed timber can be supplied with the following claims, namely, "FSC 100%" or "IPPC".