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Solid wood panels

Solid wood panels - Malyn furniture factory and MEBLEVA BV
Technical data
Wood species Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris)
Gluing* D3 or D4
Width Up to 920 mm
Length Up to 3000 mm
Thickness 14-40 mm
Lamella width To discuss
Quality A, B or C
Surface Planed or sanded (K80 or K120)
Moisture content 10±2%
* In the case of long-term cooperation, a possibility of using glue D1 or D2 can be discussed.

The technological process of furniture board manufacturing includes a full cycle of finger-jointed timber (or planed timber) production which is additionally glued into boards with preset sizes on a press machine.

After that, boards are processed on an Italian thicknesser to obtain the precise thickness. Depending on the customer's needs, furniture boards can be sanded in order to obtain a perfectly smooth surface. The final stage is the cutting of the furniture board to the required sizes on the panel-sizing machine Sicar with further packaging.

Depending on the needs of a customer, solid wood panels can be covered by MDF/HDF into blockboards and covered by veneer into veneered panels.

Our solid wood panels can be supplied with a FSC claim, namely, "FSC 100%".