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Finger-jointed timber

Finger-jointed timber - Malyn furniture factory and MEBLEVA BV
Technical data
Wood species Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris)
Gluing* D3 or D4
Width* 65-105 mm
Thickness* 14-40 mm
Length 0.4-6 m
Quality A, B or C
Surface Planed or sanded (K80 or K120)
Moisture content 10±2%
* In the case of long-term cooperation, different width and thickness parameters of the finger-jointed timber can be discussed. Moreover, there is also a possibility to use glue D1 or D2.

Primary wood processing takes place in a separate and modern sawmill department. This fact lets us achieve the high capacity, accurate sizes and flexibility. The next and critically important stage of production is drying. During this technological process, sawn timber is loaded into drying chambers with an automatic control system from the Italian company Logica H&S, where it is dried to a preset humidity.

In the finger-jointed timber production, we use only dried sawn timber with 10±2% humidity that decreases the possibility of future deformations during the exploitation to 0.

All the defects of timber, such as knots, splits, resin pockets could be cut out on the Italian optimizer Salvador. Then, previously made semi fabrications are transported to a finger joint line Spanevello where they are glued together into finger-jointed timber of preset length. Accurate geometrical parameters are provided by the planing of a base side and further processing on a profiling machine.

Depending on the needs of a customer, finger-jointed timber can be glued together face-by-face into glulam or profiled into a necessary shape (mouldings).

Our finger-jointed timber can be supplied with a FSC claim, namely, "FSC 100%".