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Our history

Increasing the product range of panel goods. Veneered decorative panels, blockboards and honeycomb core panels were added to the list of available products.
FSC certification.
Investment into pellets' department. Consequently, the production volumes were doubled.
Registration of trademarks "MEBLEVA" and "PelletsUA".
Registration of trademark "Doors of Forestlands" (Ukr. Двері Полісся).
The company entered the biofuel market. An Italian granulation line for the pellets production was installed and put into operation.
PE "Malyn furniture factory" became the main supplier of veneered interior doors for well-known Ukrainian retailers, namely, "Doors of Belarus" and "New Line" (Ukr. Двері Білорусії та Нова Лінія) from 2008 to 2014.
The production was modernized. More than 50 units of highly technological equipment from the best European manufacturers were installed during the period from 2005 until 2010.
The production of veneered interior doors has started. The company launched its own brand "Doors of Forestlands" (Ukr. Двері Полісся).
All debt obligations had been repaid and the enterprise was reorganized. As a result, it obtained today's name of Private Enterprise "Malyn furniture factory".
Volodymyr Naumenko was assigned as Chairman of the Board of Collective Enterprise "Maple".
After Ukraine gained independence, the factory was reorganized into the Collective Enterprise "Maple". The factory, like the entire country at the time, was in decline. As a result, production almost stopped and the company was on the verge of bankruptcy. The main production building, 1990s - Malyn furniture factory, PE
The construction of a new production building has begun. Production capacity was significantly increased. The product range already included more than 20 different types of goods. Approximately 200 units of machines and equipment were used in manufacturing processes. As a result, annual sales reached 5 million soviet rubles. The construction of a new production building in 1969 - Malyn furniture factory, PE
The period from 1959 to 1963 was especially productive. The greater portion of technological operations was mechanized and working conditions were improved. Moreover, the company already employed about 350 workers. Due to the significant production volumes and lack of raw materials, the factory began to buy round timber from Transcarpathia.
The factory «Artil'» changed its name to the «State bent furniture factory». The monthly production volumes of bent chairs reached 14,000 units.
Resuming the production of bent chairs.
The factory was producing wooden boxes for bullets and shells during World War II.
The product range was expanded significantly. The factory manufactured such products as cabinets, sofas, tables, bent chairs and stools, mattresses, skis, car steering wheels, and more.
The factory burned down but was rebuilt within a year.
The reconstruction of the factory has started. As a result, a significant part of the production processes was mechanized.
The factory was nationalized after the Soviet Union was created. About 100 people were employed.
The labor force consisted of 70 employees. The products of the factory were sold in Kyiv, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kharkiv, and other cities.
The history of our factory has started in 1905. It was called «Artil’» and had around 30 workers. The factory produced bent chairs in the amount of 2000 units each month. Every production process involved handwork except for the mechanized process of rung production.