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BLOCKBOARDS - multiple-layered wooden panels

Blockboards - Malyn furniture factory
Technical data
Width up to 1220 mm
Length up to 2440 mm
Thickness 18-45 mm
Face material* MDF
Composition 3, 4 or 5 layers
Applied standards EN 314-2, Class 1
Core of the board
Wood species Scots pine or Black Alder
Type of lamellas Finger-jointed
Lamella width To discuss
Gluing* EN 204-D3
Moisture content 10±2%
* In the case of long-term cooperation, a possibility of using glue D1, D2 or D4 and MDF/HDF with other thicknesses can be discussed.

Malyn furniture factory produces blockboards, laminboards and battenboards. In general, the only difference between previously listed products is lamellas' width used for the core manufacturing. Therefore, when saying "Blockboards", we refer to blockboards, laminboards and battenboards simultaneously.

For blockboards production, we use high-quality S4S finger-jointed timber (Scots Pine) which are glued side-by-side into panels (core). After that, our employees calibrate panels to obtain the perfect surface for HDF gluing. HDF provides panels with additional stability and strength. Consequently, blockboards are a great substitute of MDF panels while having lower weight and looking more natural. Depends on customers' needs, blockboards can be composed of 3, 4 or 5 layers. Moreover, Alderwood lamellas can be glued on the sides of the blockboard.

Modern machinery base and quality control at each production stage guarantee the constant superior quality of manufactured blockboards. Blockboards can be supplied with FSC claim, namely, FSC 100% or FSC Mix.

When you choose products of MEBLEVA, you will be satisfied with the constant high-quality and affordability of our products.