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Veneered decorative panels

Veneered decorative panels - Malyn furniture factory
Technical data
Width up to 1220 mm
Length up to 3000 mm
Thickness 15-45 mm
Base material MDF, honeycomb panels or blockboards
Veneer European Oak (thickness of 0.5mm)
Surface Sanded (K120)
Finishing Varnishes and dyes "HERBERTS" (Germany)
Available colors Available colors of the decorative panels - Malyn furniture factory, PE

Malyn furniture factory manufactures décor panels which are wrapped into the natural veneer of European Oak. Depends on the customers' needs, panels can be produced out of MDF, lightweight honeycomb panels or blockboards. Due to our capabilities and flexibility, we are able to produce not only flat panels but curved panels also. Upon request, décor panels can be additionally processed (holes for handles, cuts, fixtures, etc.). For finishing, we use varnishes and dyes of the leading German brand "HERBERTS".

Modern machinery base and quality control at each production stage guarantee the constant superior quality of manufactured décor panels. Our machinery base consists of Italian hot-press ITALPRESSE, Vacuum press, Italian formatting, calibration and press machinery SICAR, sanding machines BUTFERING and QuickWood (Germany and Italy respectively) and German machinery for veneer processing KUPER, wrapping line BARBERAN and more.

Decorative panels can be supplied with FSC claim, namely, FSC 100% or FSC Mix.

When you choose products of MEBLEVA, you will be satisfied with the constant high-quality and affordability of our products.